Marek Kučera

technician junior

+420 777 250 223

I am the youngest in the company ..for now.. I want to educate myself and learn new things both theoretically and practically. Since childhood, I have been a team player who always prefers to work in a team rather than independently. I developed this quality in myself thanks to my long-term involvement in the Junior and Cadet Volleyball Extraliga. I have been working here since I was 11 years old. My professional life is now at the beginning, but it is all the more interesting. I want to push myself higher and higher (which I probably have innately thanks to my height).


In G&G filtration I got the opportunity to discover what is really hidden in me. Discover your strongest side and develop it. Thanks to the great team, which seems to me more like a group of friends than just colleagues, I really feel very comfortable here. The company has a great atmosphere with a feeling of safety and well-being. For this reason, working in this company is not just a way of making a living, but it is a kind of second home where one looks forward to and moves projects forward with gusto.


Ing. Radek Veselý

CEO & Sales

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Ing. Miloš Gregor


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Ing. et Ing. Pavel Bulejko, Ph.D.

commercial technical manager

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Martin Ovad

head of the design department

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